I am Lalitha Ramamoorthy. I have accomplished myself as a performing artist who is also a dietitian and health coach- a rare combination.

As a performing artist, I have been in the field for over two decades now, I have realized what it takes to balance the various facets of life while being a successful artist.

My journey hasn’t been easy either, having battled various ailments with completely losing my voice more than once to thyroid cancer and rebuilding my stamina to pursue dancing certainly reflects on my personal story of why good health is my most treasured asset.

This mental, spiritual and intellectual pursuit has made me a highly-motivated entrepreneur who advocates for everyone to live their passion, right here and right now.

Let me say that my entrepreneurial attitude has been instrumental in enabling me to seamlessly combine my professional expertise with my artistic spirit making me more effective in my practice as a Health Coach.

I simply incorporate practical techniques using performing arts paired with well-integrated nutritional programs to help my clients achieve a transformative change for their overall well-being.

Why I do, what I do?

My vision is simple – to see a world of happy individuals who can experience fulfilling prosperous lives exploring their highest potentials.

As an artist and nutritionist, I want to ensure that I can use all my experience of having worked as a dancer and an inspirational speaker and mentor- to guide and motivate individuals from all age groups to cultivate a sense of life that can sustain quality wellbeing in happiness and health.

About Health Coaching

You would wonder why you need one at all…

So, the health coach is a little different than a visit to your doctor. While a doctor may only be able to spare 15 minutes to diagnose and prescribe meds, he or she does not have time answer many health related questions you have.

This is where time with your health coach will be far more rewarding and fulfilling. A Health Coach actually walks the journey of mental, physical and spiritual well being, guaranteeing you a more productive you, at the end of the sessions.


Why will you choose me?

I am not just a health coach. I am actually an Integrative Health Coach. That means, I specialize in integrating best practices into your lifestyle and tailor make solutions that work best for you only.

I am someone who works deeply on the WHEEL OF LIFE, the secret to a healthy life!


This is the primary food of your existence and needs utmost care, without which you are not living your highest potential. So I am not just talking about you being fiddle fit- I am talking much more deep and intrinsic. We discus and learn to take care of things which complete you.

All these parameters, in their right balance, (everyone’s balance is different) put together creates the ideal WHEEL OF LIFE.

My aim is to help you develop that balance through simple dietary, health, lifestyle and personal changes so that you enjoy what you have in abundance.


What do I do differently?

Essentially, as an Integrative Health coach, I help you groom, nurture and enjoy your most valued passion in life. For me, it has been dance that has made me discover my spiritual being.

Oneness of the self and its environment is intrinsic to living a wholesome life. During your sessions with me, you will see solutions to all your physical, mental and emotional issues are within you and around you. You will also discover your creative streak, a gene that everyone has and has just not been brought to the surface.

So, I walk with you in your journey to discovering your creative gene. Yes, believe it or not but every human being has one. While some are able to see it to use it to enhance their quality of life, others haven’t had the chance to explore it. Here is where I come into play.


Why I do it the way I do it?

As your Integrative Health coach, I will not only focus on enhancing your well-being health and quality of living. Additionally focusing on lifestyle modifications, and sustainable career goals especially those related to performing arts will be my forte. Your body is the instrument that helps you achieve all your goals in life and to keep it fit physical, mentally and emotionally is key to enhancing quality and quantity of life.


Dance, Life and Health

Since my foray into Health Coaching, I have received far more cases of consulting into renal nutrition, diabetes and ethnic diets. Results have been fulfilling for me as happy clients go back feeling refreshed and renewed to take on new challenges.

Many of my clients ask me to write on my expertise and so I started penning down specific need based blogs and now write articles to reach out to people who benefit from my knowledge and understanding.

As a life long learner, I continue to challenge my own abilities and nurture them while coaching others. So, I continue to reach out to communities to create awareness around healthy lifestyle by conducting educational workshops in schools and universities. The results have been overwhelming and encouraging.

As a student, while pursuing Masters in Nutrition and Food Science, I had the rare fortune to meet and rub shoulders with some of the world’s most notable health and wellness experts. There is an old saying that “you learn best in the company of rare minds”-so I have many such nuggets to share.

My involvement with my dance form continues to take my time, and I thoroughly love it. It’s a spiritual workout that I cannot do without. This is the reason why I continue to run successfully an NGO called the School of World Music & Dance that upholds and promotes the various performing art forms in India. As the founder, director and teacher my ten-year-old school has been widely spoken about in the United States.